IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Before deciding on visiting Currumbin and “holding” a koala, I did my research. We decided on visiting Currumbin because we …


  1. So glad you enjoyed my home country and state. There, as you know, is so much to see and enjoy. You did a wonderful job with this video, and captured some great footage. Next time you come down under, let your followers know, as I am sure many would love to meet you both face to face. Keep being a blessing.

  2. This was very good video (as usual) and I like that you also did your research on animals. Did you did this trip after the Canada and Alaska road trips or has this been done earlier. Anyways, can't wait for your next video. They are very inspirational.

  3. We have been where you are. We were at the Gold Coast in 1990 on our honeymoon. We then went to the Whit Sundays for a week and spent a week in Sidney. After that we spent two weeks in New Zealand. Then we went to Fiji for a week. I wish we would have skipped Fiji and went to Hawaii.
    Fiji is a different culture but when you spend the time in Austrailia Fiji was kind of a let down.
    Oh well to each his own we absolutley loved Austrailia and New Zealand.
    I would give anything to go back to Austrailia. Im very jealous of you guys.

  4. So glad you two enjoyed my region! I grew up in Lismore, 20 minutes from Nimbin. The "Rainbow Region" as the Northern Rivers of NSW is known is a pretty beautiful place – but then again, I'm a bit biased 😉
    I could totally imagine you two living in Nimbin haha.
    Loved that sand hostel! Amazing!

  5. Why couldn't the lifeguard save the hippie? Cause he was too far out! Great video! I've never held a koala but I did get to hold and feed a tarsier in the Philippines a few years ago which was pretty cool 🙂

  6. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Before deciding on visiting Currumbin and "holding" a koala, I did my research. We decided on visiting Currumbin because we believe in what they are doing to rescue and save injured wildlife. We even visited the hospital they have there and witnessed an operation on an injured Lorikeet. At the sanctuary, I spoke with the lady who you'll see in the video about the koalas personality and how they respond to being held. This lady works day in an out with these rescued koalas and knows them very well. The lady assured me that the koala I would get to hold (who's name is Emily) was born and raised at the sanctuary and has interacted with humans her entire life. You should have seen the love the lady and Emily shared. Those two were nearly inseparable, kissing each other and resting their heads on one another. It may look like I'm holding Emily, but in fact I'm standing very still with my hands in a certain position, letting Emily hang on and interact with me rather than the other way around. At one point she stared me in the face and pressed her nose on mine. I just about died. I felt good about the experience and that Emily looked and felt quite content, curious even! I wouldn't however have done this just anywhere, and I sure would never hold a wild koala. The reason why I'm telling you all of this is because I care and love all animals and never want to promote their exploitation but rather conservation. Please before you decide to interact with any animals in any country, do your research beforehand.

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