Minsk City Travel Guide

Minsk, Belarus is an exciting City to visit with a deep old History and culture. We explore some of the highlights and spots every tourist must see when coming to …

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  1. I live in Minsk, I mean, it isn't THAT bad, I'm still grateful to not be living in Estonia or Ukraine, even Russia! But still, Minsk needs a lot of improvement, especially on its politics.

  2. I just came back from visiting for 4 days on the new visa free scheme. I can't say enough about what a great place this is. A lot to see and do, people were very friendly and i saw no crime at all. I feel this place has such potential and will be up and coming now it is so much more accessible. Give it a try 🙂

  3. Small comment : there's no such thing as a "five star restaurant". At least, not in the Michelin scale, which is the most notable reference in restaurant scaling.

    Anyway, Minsk is on my to-visit-list. It's always interesting to see relatively little know places for yourself.

  4. Belarus is a good country for recreation and entertainment. Now removed visa to 80 countries in 5 days. If the flow of tourists will increase that will extend the abolition of visas to 14 days. Come. Everything is very cheap and at a high level! Buildings and entertainment (bars, clubs) is newer and cheaper than in Germany and England. This is a very cool city. You can cheaply and efficiently spend time for body and soul. Come this is really cool! Of communism there 25 years no. The country is very progressive and has been living by American rules. Very interesting. If you are from America – you have to try 😉 the Drawback is you have to know Russian. In the city few people know English. Before the trip, learn the important words on russian: "rentals housing, eating, entertainment, metro, address"))) And you have a bright and positive experience to try it! 😉

  5. I have visited Minsk about …. 40 times and I really like the Great People of this country and the beautiful capital of Belarus ! They are so friendly and I believe that their standard of living is good and continues to grow up   . With great interest I see the development in every aspect of the country all these years that surprises me a lot ! I got many friends that admire and love so much ! Pruvet tovarushu !

  6. Holy shit people. I don't even understand what you guys are talking about. I live in Minsk and everything is fine. No dictatorship at all. And the salaries are pretty fair if you want to live here. Like, you can afford pricey cars and stuff like that. Besides I wouldn't call it "boring" since we've got a lot of entertainment and fun stuff to do. Come visit and then complain. 🙂

  7. who cares if The US has " democracy" ? if they have a lot of junkies, obese fats, bums, gays, lesbians, transgenders. its people are fed with McDonald's-like crap food that a dog would hesitate eating. Fifty millions have no insurance. The life itself is so stressful and depressing from slave work. its big companies are the bosses and its workers are the slaves with no vacations. Belarus may be a " dictatorship" but non of that matters since its people live naturally with less America-like stress.

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  11. He says that people in Minsk can't earn necessities for life and family, but I see a lot of good cars on the streets… they may have low wages but prices are lower than in the West, and unemployment is low

  12. i allways find it hard to believe why the authorities in some countries try to forbid people from taking pictures of govertment buildings when everybody knows what the buildings look like anyway . STRANGE

  13. Дуйте в Беларусь!!!! Это – рай! Чхать на Европу…- это отсталые слои. а Беларусь – это цивилизация, жемчужина всего земного и чистого! а г.Гомель- это как вообще маленькая Швейцария! Кто не был в Беларуси- зря прожил…вот так- то!)

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