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Paris, the capital of France, attracts 42 million visitors a year. You can start your Paris tour on …

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  1. I love Paris from my childhood. I love all the things in paris. what am amazing place. peaceful and beautiful. basically I love historical places. the river, trees, old buildings, shops are making it look gorgeous. I am looking forward to go and live there. but, as I am in sri lanka, it is very difficult to get visa to France. I miss u a lot France..

  2. This video just almost does the city justice. I've been twice and found something new every time. I love the city. But both times I was there there were so many fucking Asian people there that it looked like downtown Beijing with a Paris facade. Not to diss them, but they were kind of obnoxious

  3. Getting off the plane in Paris was like getting off in a third world country. the streets a filthy and filled mostly with Africans and Arabs. Its a complete dump, I will never go back.

  4. Please dont make me wrong people, I was in france more then 10 months its the most worst place i have ever visit,
    you cant do anything without language even you cant buy a simple bread maybe for tourist its good but not who may thinking to settle in

  5. Conheço Paris, a 1a vez fiquei impressionada, depois fui várias vezes, fiz uma tourne na Disney. É muito linda Paris. Eu, meu filho, filha, esposo, todos conhecemos Paris, minha sogra é de Paris mas vive na Alemanha e meu sogro alemão. Todos passamos várias ferias juntos em Paris e outros lugares na Europa.

  6. I visited Paris last year and I fell in love with the whole country. The most beautiful place in the world. I want to go visit again soon. There's this strange thing that I feel towards this place. I've been to other places before but this is the 2nd place I love the most. I feel sad because I have not the chance to witness the old Paris ,the time when Louis IV made the Palace of Versailles. I have this strange feeling and urge to see the past of this enchanting place. Maybe I was a French reincarnated to be in another world lol:))

  7. Thanks for this! I just returned home from visiting at least 5 cities in France, including Paris and Chamonix. I just placed my latest video about my personal experience in this amazing country. What a great vacation with yummy food, and tremendous exercise!

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