Mexico Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Mexico. Mexico, land of the Maya and Aztec, temples and beaches and with a population of twenty-six million the bubbling …

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  1. Jesus Christ, it`s "palácio" and not "palacío". Couldn`t you learn some basic spanish, before taking it into your mouth ?This narrator guy must be stubborn – there is even the name of the City called "Mérida" shown in the Clip and how does he pronounce it : "Merída" !

  2. ah Mexico. Sanborns Travels always issued maps and routes out toward destinations, and restaurants, sights, and other interesting informational guide to read and learn about MEXICO.
    i enjoyed getting my MEXICAN INSURANCE and guide book from the.They are still here!

  3. This video should be called "Southern Mexico". There are plenty of key sites in the north they didn't show, including Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Copper Canyon. As well as some nice places in the south like Cuernavaca, Puebla, Taxco, Oaxaca and El Tajin.That being said, I think it's safe to say that Mexico is the most interesting country in the world, but this video didn't really do it justice.And the narrator couldn't have butchered those names any worse. Also, I don't think Merida is the country's only colonial city. Also, Acapulco is on the Pacific NOT the Caribbean and Chiapas is NOT part of the Yucatan peninsula. I can't believe that a professional travel video would have such geographic errors.

  4. Please Please do not go to Mexico.  It is very dangerous and i  protest of the 43 students killed.  Make there tourist industry hurt.  The USA  should pull there industry from Mexico.  Their politicians are more corrupt than here in the USA.

  5. It is a real pity that this guide of Mexico is full of either pronunciation errors and geographical ones.  I suggest the people who made this guide to contract a person who can tell the locutor how to make a closest pronunciation of the places which were mentioned. Just to put it like this, the mistakes are so big as if someone said "Rondon or Lonton or Wondon" instead of "London". Moreover, Palenque is not in Yucatán, it is in Chiapas, Acapulco does not receive the sun of the Caribbean but of the Pacific. The consonant "J" in spanish is pronounced "H" (in english).

  6. Yes, I agree that this coverage is flawed and doesn't come close to the vast Mexico I know. I will visit in mid-October Puebla and the not-so-unimportant Huamantla, home of the amazing running of the bulls (puts Pamplona to shame)  and of my pen pal of 20 years, Lupita. Somehow 2nd cities attract me, because their stories tell me more, often, than those of major cities; Manchester instead of London, for example. In Mexico, I will spend my days writing, telling stories, lighting candles in the church, hanging at the local bar, and visiting the contemporary galleries.  That's where  you uncover and discover. So should Exposa Travel and edit wisely (read "proofread" as well) , but it seems their naive editors would rather move quickly to enjoy the benefits of YouTube and obvious immediate currency.   

  7. Palenque in Península de Yucatán?, Acapulco in the Caribe? It is a shame that ignorance is so deep, that whoever did this specific video, didn´t care about saying so many inacurate information. What a pity!

  8. I agree with Katie Bizley's comments, it is a pity that all the geographical names as well as some simple facts such as the location of Acapulco on the Pacific Ocean [NOT the Caribbean]  and the fact that Incas belong in a different continent altogether, make one wonder who wrote the copy for this otherwise very comprehensive tour of Mexico cultural treasures. Could it be salvaged?

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